Gold Rush (Crisp Golden Ale – 4%)

This is a refreshing, classic, crisp and complex beer, which will hopefully have you searching for more.

Appearance – Golden
Smell – Stoned Fruits, hints of Lemongrass
Taste – Apricot, Saffron and honey, with a lingering bitterness

Black Charge (Sweet Oatmeal Stout – 5%)

Smooth, sweet and with a hint of coffee, this will blow up your taste buds.

Appearance – Jet black with a light creamy head
Smell – Toffee and Coffee
Taste – Initial coffee notes give way to a creamy sweetness

Prospector (Cloudy Wheat Beer – 5.2%)

This traditional, Bavarian style Wheat beer has all the elements you’ll be looking for… and more.

Appearance – Golden and cloudy
Smell – Cloves and Banana
Taste – Lemon Cheesecake

Gunslinger (Extra Pale Ale – 6.2%)

This is a punchy, hoppy pale ale, that will leave you floored if you underestimate it. Although it’s a 6.2% beer, the smoothness and balance will have you doubting it… and that’s when it gets ya!

Appearance – Pale yellow, slight haze
Smell – Citrus and Pine
Taste – Grapefruit with hints of Gooseberry

 Brian (Special Bitter – 5.0%)

As a small, independent brewery, we’ve relied on support and encouragement from day one and Brian Cumby was there from the start, truly believing that what we were doing was worthwhile. Sadly, Brian passed away in 2015, so we brewed a beer in his honour. This bold, rich and classic tasting ale is perfect after a long days hard work. Cheers Brian!

Appearance – Deep red
Smell – Roasted sweet nut aroma
Taste – Christmas fruits, caramel and a bitter finish

 Southbound (Hazy Summer IPA – 4.2%)

Our take on an easy drinking, punchy, citrus-hopped summer session IPA, so put some Allman Brothers on the radio, jump in your truck and head down to Kernow for a pint or two!

Appearance – Light and golden, with a haze
Smell – Big citrus hits
Taste – Smooth and bitter, with hints of lemon and tangerine


TNT IPA (American Hopped IPA – 4.8%)

Here at DVBC we love the way the Americans do beer, so this is a real tribute to the good ol’ US of A, with big flavours coming from a trio of their finest hops.

Appearance – Light Amber
Smell – Citrus fruits with a hit of Apple blossom
Taste – Peaches and Grapefruit

Big Bang! (Dark Belgian IPA – 5.3%)

With Big Bang it’s all about being a well balanced beer, under that dark exterior and hoppy, light citrus aroma is a classic Belgian tasting brew ready to explode!

Appearance – Dark with a red hue
Smell – Citrus and dried fruits
Taste – Banana, Peaches and Caramel

Pioneer (Orange Wheat Beer – 4.2%)

A true summer beer, enjoy whilst crossing great expansive plains and mountain ranges… or a family barbeque. You’ll discover a refreshing and crisp beer, a classic wheat haze and definitely oranges.

Appearance – Hazy, pale yellow
Smell – Oranges and Mandarins
Taste – Oranges, with a bitter twist

Cousin Jack (Cornish American Amber – 3.8%)

We’re proud Cornish boys here at DVBC and this beer is a salute to all those Cousin Jack’s who left Kernow to travel all over the globe with a reputation for being the best miners! Many went to the USA and this beer has that hoppy American aroma with a classic malty body to remind them of home.

Dedicated to William Henry Kessell

Appearance – Rich Amber
Smell – Toffee gives way to Citrus notes
Taste – Biscuit, with a lingering bitterness

Buffalo  (Milk Stout – 4.5%)

Buffalo milk is sweeter than your average moo juice and Buffalo Milk Stout is sweeter than your average sweet thing. The smooth and silky mouth feel adds to the creamy, sweet  flavour, which means this beer is excellently paired with a few Custard Creams.

Appearance – Black with a creamy head
Smell – Vanilla, with a dark chocolate edge
Taste – Sweet and smooth, with a silky mouth feel