About us

Setup by local lads, Dom Lilly and Ross Kessell, in January 2015, the Dynamite Valley Brewing Company has set out to follow the blue print of the various brew-pubs the pair have visited throughout the World.

Even though their inspiration comes from far away, their passion for beer and quality is to be kept locally and involve the growing, beer loving, community as much as possible.

Initial based in a porter cabin in the middle of nowhere, the two brewers experimented with recipes in a 100 litre nano-kit, this period allowed them to produce their first 4 beers and launch a Crowdfunder campaign to move the operation into larger, purpose built premises between Falmouth and Truro. The fundraising went well, not only adding money to the shoe-string funds, but primarily gaining the brewery a following and bringing the brand to local attention. Dynamite Valley’s Crowdfunder success was one of the top 10 business campaigns at that time, mainly due to the support of so many from home and abroad (pledges were received from as far a-field as Australia and Canada).

More recipes have followed, building the interest in the project and the team will often (and will continue to) ask opinions and take requests for styles of beers their customers would like to try, it’s with this community led interaction that Dynamite Valley sees as essential.